Invited Speakers

Marek Figlerowicz

Marek Figlerowicz (Poland)

Giuseppe Lancia

Giuseppe Lancia (Italy)

Katarzyna Purzycka

Katarzyna Purzycka (Poland)

Eric Westhof

Eric Westhof (France)

The objective of EURO CBBM is to bring together researchers developing and using computational methods to solve problems in computational biology, bioinformatics and medicine. The conference intends to be an effective forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of current research issues and future trends (Conference flyer).

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Selected and refereed conference papers will be published in the Special Issue of RAIRO Operations Research or in Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences.

Book of abstracts is available here

Conference topics

  • biomolecular sequence analysis,
  • comparative genomics,
  • metabolic network modeling and analysis,
  • modeling and prediction of gene patterns,
  • microarray informatics,
  • protein and RNA structure prediction,
  • protein interactions,
  • genetic networks,
  • analysis of genetic variations,
  • systems biology,
  • gene classification,
  • docking and drug design,
  • phylogenetics,
  • and other.

Program Committee

  • Jacek Blazewicz (PUT University, Poland)
  • Metin Turkay (KOC University, Turkey)
  • Giovanni Felici (IASI CNR, Italy)
  • Paola Bertolazzi (IASI CNR, Italy)
  • Jon Garibaldi (Nottingham University, UK)
  • Ceyda Oguz (KOC University, Turkey)
  • Gerhard Wilhelm Weber (IAM METU, Turke)
  • Marta Kasprzak (PUT University, Poland)
  • Piotr Formanowicz (PUT University, Poland)
  • Aleksandra Swiercz (PUT University, Poland)
  • Pawel Wojciechowski (PUT University, Poland)
  • Piotr Lukasiak (PUT University, Poland)
  • Marta Szachniuk (IBCH PAS, Poland)

Organizing Committee

  • Piotr Lukasiak (PUT University, Poland)
  • Marta Szachniuk (IBCH PAS, Poland)
  • Jacek Blazewicz (PUT University, Poland)
  • Marcin Borowski (PUT University, Poland)
  • Tomasz Ratajczak (PUT University, Poland)
  • Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu (KOC University, Turkey)
  • Metin Turkay (KOC University, Turkey)
  • Gerhard Wilhelm Weber (IAM METU, Turke)
  • Tomasz Żok (PUT University, Poland)

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